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Adult & Junior Karate for Hertford and Sawbridgeworth

If you’re looking to learn an effective Martial Art in either Hertford or Sawbridgeworth - then look no further than Impact Karate Academy.

Impact Karate Academy offers Karate lessons to both Adults and Children, starting from age 4 years, in both of these Hertfordshire towns.

At Impact Karate Academy we study the three elements of Shotokan Karate, namely; Kihon (Karate Basics), Kata (Karate Formal Exercise) and Kumite (Karate Sparring) in order to make students into well rounded Karateka  - a practitioner of Karate.

We teach After School Karate at two different locations in Hertfordshire - Pinehurst Community Centre (Hertford) - Karate Classes Start at 4.15pm on a Monday and Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall - Karate Classes Start at 4pm on a Wednesday. 

Additionally, we also teach an Adult Karate Class at Pinehurst Community Centre (Hertford) on a Monday - Karate Class Starts at 6pm and an Adult & Junior Karate Class at Leventhorpe Leisure Centre in Sawbridgeworth on a Saturday morning - Karate Class Starts at 10am. This particular Karate Class is very popular with families who wish to learn the Martial Art of Karate together. 

So, if you’re looking to learn an effective stand-up fighting art that can be used for fitness, self-defence or sport and you live in the Hertford or Sawbridgeworth areas -  Impact Karate Academy is the place to be.

At Impact Karate Academy we look forward to teaching you the exciting Martial Art of Shotokan Karate in either Hertford or Sawbridgeworth in the near future.


About Impact Karate Academy - Hertford and Sawbridgeworth

Impact Karate Academy is very fortunate to have a former Police Officer, Grant Sensei, as our Chief Instructor.   

As a result, he can teach Shotokan Karate based on his first hand experience of physical attack and violent situations rather than the theory of a threatening encounter. In our opinion this ‘Real World’ knowledge puts Impact Karate Academy at the cutting edge of Self-Defence Karate instruction in Hertfordshire.

If you take your safety and welfare seriously, or that of you child, and wish to learn Karate from someone with ‘Real World’ experience - Impact Karate Academy in Hertford and Sawbridgeworth is the Karate School for you. 

At Impact Karate Academy in both Hertford and Sawbridgeworth - our mission is to offer first class Karate tuition and make people both healthier and safer via the ‘Way’ of Karate.

Impact Karate Academy is affiliated to the British Karate Association - who are members of the English Karate Federation. The English Karate Federation being recognised as the official governing body for English Karate by the British Karate Federation, European Karate Federation and World Karate Federation.

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